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Behance Event 2015 - Wir waren live dabei!


Auch beim diesjährigen Behance NRW im Gewächshaus Düsseldorf präsentierten viele kreative Köpfe ihre Arbeiten, um ihr Netzwerk auszubauen, oder um sich einfach auszutauschen.   \n


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It was an honor to have Stefan Job and Fernsehen Düsseldorf attend our event on Friday. We had 80 people in attendance for the Behance NRW Event. Out goal is to help creatives, artists and art lovers network, share, connect and inspire. Supporting the creative community is very important. After the presentations we have an open casual forum and at this particular forum we had 30 people participating. During this time all those who attend can bring their artwork or portfolios.... share them and get feedback. We are open to all creative people and those who enjoy the arts. Our Facebook Group has grown to over 1100+ members and we are one of the largest Behance Communities in Europe. I am always looking for new speakers to present their work at our events, if interested you can contact me via Xing or on Facebook under Kenneth Shinabery. Also, we are looking for sponsors for our events, seminars, workshops and activities. If interested in becoming a sponsor of Behance NRW please send me an email. The link the Behance NRW Facebook Group is... https://www.facebook.com/groups/BehanceDusseldorf/
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