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Meta Marathon


META MARATHON aims to provide a description of the unexplored historical epoch of digital modernism. For this purpose, META MARATHON uses the historical agenda of the Macy Conferences and deals with the topics “Memory”, “Language”, “Communication” and “Learning and Perception”.

Using seven different viewing angles, four mathematically recruited and a maximum of diverse groups work their way through the matter in a 42 hour marathon using partly radical-explorative methods such as microdosing, AI sprints or mind hacking.

META MARATHON intends to go beyond the classical framework of the thematic debate that usually takes place. For this purpose all participants are invited to spend the night at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf.

Admission costs only 42 Euro (food & drinks & sleeping possibility included) - but all participants (max. 400 people) have to apply for an invitation. Our goal is the greatest possible diversity and an exciting mixture of participants. We will check all applications and send you an invitation in the coming weeks.

We will check each application individually and when you´ll be invited we will send you a link to get your participation ticket and additional information.


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